Dear residents of Niesky, and dear guests,

Welcome to our website. Whether you live in our beautiful town, plan on moving here, or would like to relax and spend your holidays here: 


You have made a great decision in picking Niesky.

Oberbürgermeister Wolfgang Rückert

You will quickly discover that our town and its four districts have a lot to offer. Niesky’s scenic landscape, its ideal infrastructure, its numerous cultural offers as well as the various possibilities for sports activities and education make the town an ideal place to live. Small and medium-sized businesses provide many jobs.

I invite you to discover the world of Niesky, get to know the its fascinating history and become familiar with what our town and its community have to offer.

I would also like to welcome you on behalf of the town council.


Beate Hoffmann

Waldbad NieskyWaldbad Niesky
Waldbad Niesky
ZinzendorfplatzZinzendorfplatz Niesky
WerkssiedlungWerkssiedlung Fa. Christoph & Unmack