Municipal library of Niesky

Zinzendorfplatz 10
D-02906 Niesky
phone: +49 3588/ 20 98 54
fax: +49 3588/ 20 98 56
Die Bibliothek
Opening hours:
Monday / Wednesday: 12.30 noon - 18.00 pm
Tuesday: 10.00 am - 18.00 pm
Friday: 10.00 am - 16.00 pm
The municipal library of Niesky is situated in the city centre and part of the numerous services for the inhabitants and tourists.
With its offers concerning (further) education, leisure time, conversation and as a place of communication, the library makes a contribution to the attractive and worth-living region of Niesky.
With several events and projects, the visit of the library can be a great experience and facilitates media competence. It is equipped in a way that the visitors feel very well. It offers substantial, constantly updated professional literature and fiction books, sound carriers, videos and games. You can find media for all fields of interest and all age classes. Moreover, there are workstations with internet access.
Total stock: approximately 40,000 media, thereof ca. 6,000 av-media as well as 60 periodicals. The media research is possible on site.
You can find the monthly event calendar in the library and in the press. It informs about talks with authors and artists, musical events and expositions.